A word by the Febelfin chairman

The essence of the power of balanced leadership is in the fact that male and female characteristics are skilfully combined. That is what diversity really is. Diversification isn’t just mixing men and women, but there’s more to it than that. In the very same way diversification in a bank portfolio reduces risk, diversification in leadership leads to a more apt decision making, as more elements from different perspectives are taken into account.


As a financial sector, we need to strive for diversity. Our sector lives in troubled times, and all our strengths need to be used at their best to prepare banking for the challenges facing future generations. Different visions, with male and female accents, are indispensable for a balanced debate. And a balanced debate is more necessary than anything to assess and manage risk and make the right decision within the appropriate timeframe.


Diversity doesn’t just lead to better decision making. It is the driving force for better services, too. The target audience of financial institutions is very diverse. Young and old, man and woman, use financial services daily. This diversity in our audience should be fully reflected in our organisations – as it should be, by the way, in any industrial or service sector. A tuned balance between men and women in the banking sector’s staff chart would be a first, important step. To achieve that, opportunities have to be created to allow both men and women to grow on every level of the banking sector.