Wefin is determined to build a durable and balanced financial world that is open to everyone. A number of characteristics is key to this new financial world:

Business with a focus on people and on the basis of the following values

  • Authenticity
  • Transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability & long-term view
  • Ethics & social purpose
  • Confidence
  • Enhanced integrity

Openness to all

  • An environment that is open to all and takes both masculine and feminine values into account

Culture change

  • Active contribution to an economy that is innovative and sustainable at the same time
  • Evolution towards an organisational structure based on collaboration, motivation and engagement (flat organisational
  • structure instead of pyramids)
  • Service provision instead of product selling

A sector that becomes more and more a reflection of society

  • Governed by men and women (Banking is a common concern)
  • More in touch with the public
  • New ideas about work

Increased attractiveness as an employer

  • Creativity in attracting and empowering talented people