Wefin wants to bring real change in the sector by striking a balance between masculine and feminine values. This balance can becreated by:

Actively working at the female talent pipeline

  • Making women more aware of their added value
  • Creating awareness that young talented women are as important as women with top level functions
  • Encouraging women to take their career in their own hands
  • Providing women in the sector with opportunities thanks to networking, training programmes, ...
  • Encouraging women to help each other to make their way in the financial sector
  • Enhancing visibility of women in the sector 

Working together: creating openness to men and women

  • Being a leader with attention for masculine and feminine values
  • Building up a complementary approach
  • Heeding all aspects of diversity: culture, age, ...

Collaborating on a sector level basis

  • Creating the possibility for several financial institutions to work together
  • Focussing on transversality within different actors of the financial world
  • Striving to achieve a transformation thanks to leadership changes and measurable results